The Oakeshott Type XVIII Sword

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The type XVIII is what can be described as the true classic form of the cut and thrust fighting sword. The blade is typically of a flattened diamond in cross section with a sharp taper to an acute point. There is enough breadth at the point of percussion to allow the delivery of a totally effective cut. Often the blade has a sharp longitudinal mid-rib, making the blade stiff and resilient to bending. Very few type xviii swords have any “whippyness” to them.

The type xviiia is one subtype typified by having a 1/3 length fuller and being a bit larger overall in dimension. The longer blade and slightly longer grip place type xviiia swords in the border area of longsword or bastard sword and single-hand (arming) sword class. Balance is typically quite good with a relatively light to moderate weight.

The type xviii swords are seen as early as the middle bronze age of 1000 B.C. and as late as the basket-hilt broadswords of the Scots Highlanders of the 18th century.

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