The Wars of the Roses In A Nutshell

war of the roses, richard ii, lancaster, york, plantagenet, english civil war, tudor, bolingbroke

Author: Lily Pad The Wars of the Roses were a complex set of civil wars which tore apart England in the 15th Century. The conflict pitched two sides of the royal family – the House of Plantagenet – against each other in a bid for the English throne. These two warring factions were known as […]

Richard II – A Cautionary Tale of Improper Forms of Kingship

king richard ii, shakespeare, medieval king

By Peter Ponzio A number of commentaries on Shakespeare’s Richard II are devoted to the dialectical nature of the play, stressing the opposition of many of the elements in the drama. Studies have been written which demonstrate that the play is concerned with the opposition of the medieval order, represented by Richard, and the emerging […]

Thomas More and The English Reformation

medieval hisotry, renaissance history

Amidst the turmoil of the Protestant Reformation in early Renaissance England there existed many great men and woman of character and conscience. Among them we find a singular individual in the person of Thomas More. The Renaissance humanist of his time and major opponent of the Martin Luther, William Tyndale, and the Protestant Reformation. A […]