A look at the Dark Ages: When Things Were Really Medieval

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by Will Kalif The Dark Ages were a period of great upheaval, constant war, horrendous plague, and stagnant cultural growth. But through these difficult centuries new ideas and a new culture was born. And in today’s world we still feel the effects of these changes that were brought about during these Dark Ages. The Dark […]

Greek Fire – a Terrifying Early Medieval Weapon

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By Shane Dayton. Greek Fire, also known as Byzantine Fire, Greek Byzantine Fire, and Sea Fire, was a terrifying naval weapon mastered by the Greeks and the Byzantines during early Medieval times. This may be the earliest form of naval napalm, and allowed their ships to fight with fire, with some claims that there was […]

Reenacting – Medieval Reality? The Science of the Middle Ages

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In any historical society authenticity is always the goal. We’re not here to portray a fantasy realm of elves and gnomes, but yet in the authentic medieval mind fantasy and reality can overlap. As an example dragons, which have been officially declared fictitious, were simply a scientific fact. The existence of dragons wasn’t just merely […]