The Story of the Welsh Dragon

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By Tom Sangers. The story of the red dragon, ‘Y Ddraig Goch’ (literally, the red dragon), that appears on the Welsh flag goes back centuries, even to before the invasion of Britain by the Saxons. When the Celts ruled Britain, before they were driven out of England into Wales and Cornwall, there was a legend […]

Early Medieval Period – Ottonian Art – A Glimpse

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The Pre-Romanesque period in German art history, between circa 919-1056, is called “Ottonian Period,” after the names of three Saxon Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, named Otto-Otto, the Great, Otto II, and Otto III, who ruled from 919-1024. The Ottonian Empire included the lands that now are Germany, Switzerland, and Northern & Central Italy. This period was one of the greatest ages after the fall of Carolingian Empire. Economic growth and political patronage helped in creating an atmosphere of increased cultural and artistic activity, which along with Late Antique, Byzantine, and Carolingian influences, helped develop a distinctive style, the Ottonian Art form.

The Wisdom of Bartholomew Anglicus – On Wild Boars

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Medieval Lore for the Cosmopolitan Interest “The boar is so fierce a beast, and also so cruel, that for his fierceness and his cruelness, he despiseth and setteth nought by death, and he reseth full piteously against the point of a spear of the hunter. And though it be so that he be smitten or […]

Bartholomew Anglicus – On Rainbows

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Medieval Lore for the Cosmopolitan Interest “The Rainbow is impression gendered in an hollow cloud and dewy, disposed to rain in endless many gutters, as it were shining in a mirror, and is shapen as a bow, and sheweth divers colours, and is gendered by the beams of the sun or of the moon. And […]

Medieval Cheese

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A Brief History of Cheese Most authorities consider that cheese was first made in the Middle East. The earliest type was a form of sour milk which came into being when it was discovered that domesticated animals could be milked. A legendary story has it that cheese was ‘discovered’ by an unknown Arab nomad. He […]

The Wisdom of Bartholomew Anglicus? Anglicus On Wine..

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The worthiness and praising of wine might not Bacchus himself describe at the full, though he were alive. For among all liquors and juice of trees, wine beareth the prize, for passing all liquors, wine moderately drunk most comforteth the body, and gladdeth the heart, and saveth wounds and evils.