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Who or what is heck is Morris? Well, you stumped me there, but I can tell you of the enduring game he left behind that bears this name. If anyone has more information on the origins of this game please feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear about it!

medieval games, morris, nine-man-morris, play morris online, medieval historyNobody knows for sure when the “Morris” games were first created, mostly because very few boards or pieces have ever been found. They were games of the poor folks who couldn’t afford to waste money purchasing some frivilous pre-made games that you’d have to lug around with you. Lacking a proper-made game not only allowed you to be ready to play any time the reeve turned his back, but you wouldn’t have to try and hide the game in your tunic when the creep tried to join in. Morris was usually drawn in the dirt and used stones for pieces although better models, like the one carved into the roof beams of the Sistine Chapel or even the one scraped in a corner of the dungeon at the tower of London, existed also. Nowadays we know the simplest form of the Morris games as the pointless childhood activity of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Many versions of the game exist including twelve-man-morris, seven man-morris, five-man, and three-man. However, having to choose just one to discuss, NINE-man-morris is the subject of this reading. The board consists of three squares, one inside the other. The corners and mid-points were marked as the spaces with lines connecting all points. Two people played, each with nine markers. If you were a gambler, you might use coins instead of stones for the pieces.

To start the game players alternate placing their pieces on the spaces. Anyplace will do, however if you want to win you try to align three in a row. A row of three was either called a “mill”, a “morris”, or a “merrele” if you wanted to sound uppity. Anyway, by getting three in a row you gained the right to remove one of your opponents pieces from play. If all your pieces are in already on the board play proceeds by sliding a piece to an adjacent space on the board. The winner is the player who knocks his opponent down to two pieces. Once your opponent is down to only two pieces it’s impossible for him or her to make a morris, and thence it’s time to get your butt back to work. Simple, but addicting if you try it.

As a matter of fact we’ve embedded an online version for you check out below. Skip the ad or wait a few seconds and you’re in business. Enjoy!

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