Hand Forged Knives

handmade knives, hand forged viking seax, camp knives, utility kniveshe knife is one of humankind’s oldest of tools. Made in a dizzying variety of materials and styles, knives can arguably claim to be the most varied tool and weapon in existence. Knives have been the silent and often overlooked companions of explorers, scientists, pioneers, heroes, and housewives. Chances are that the overwhelming majority of people use some incarnation of the knife on a daily basis. At Forged In Time, our hand forged handmade knives are of the highest quality materials and construction. They are designed for real world use. They are durable, attractive, and very sharp.

One of a kind, handmade knives…

All items currently being offered for sale are made by Forged in Time apprentice, Mike Sheppard, are completely finished, and are ready to ship as is. We are not offering customization or rebuilds on any products at this time due to the backlog of custom orders we currently have.