Daggers have most often been considered a secondary or even tertiary weapon and they have traditionally been used primarily for combat. However, there have been periods where the dagger was looked upon more as a tool and a weapon rather than as just a weapon. I must admit a personal bias here: I love daggers! I use daggers like knives. I’ve even field dressed and butchered game with them. I craft my daggers with an eye towards utility as well as combat usefulness. I make my dagger blades just a little wider and the bevels just a little more acute so that there is a pair of useful slicing and chopping edges as well as the very deadly point for thrusting. I carry my dagger almost everywhere with me.

The symbolism of the dagger has traditionally been either that of surreptitious and scandalous assassination or courageous and brave desire for close combat with the enemy. Their carry has also symbolized rank much like a handgun worn by officers in the military in more modern times. In use they hand forged daggers, medieval dagger, handmade knivesare usually thought of as primarily stabbing weapons having two edges as opposed to knives which are thought of as cutting tools with a single edge. In practical application however the lines of what makes a dagger and a knife separate are often blurred.

To me, two edges means that I have a ready backup if one edge gets dull or damaged. Most of my personal dagger blades are about 8 inches in length and about 1 ¼” inches wide with a thickness of 3/16” to ¼”.  This seems to be about ideal for me combining moderate length with utilitarian edges and plenty of strength. I admittedly beat the snot out of my personal stuff on a virtual daily basis. This does however show me what my stuff can do, and that is quite a lot!


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  1. The blade was one of the first weapons made (from stone and bone). Knives and daggers would have been extremely useful. Especially for hunting. (Hitting an animal on the head with a rock is all very well, but knives and daggers were the next step in the prehistoric evolution.) As they progressed in style and material made from, it became much easier for them to skin animals, make their dwellings, clothing and everything else needed and wanted for their survival. One of the other first things invented was music. (Although this has nothing to do with weapons, it is very interesting.) Percussion and the flute were the first musical instruments constructed. The oldest flute discovered to date was made from what is thought to be the femur of a cave bear. Bone and wood vertical flutes were the first flutes and eventually the transverse flute evolved. (The first found transverse flute (The Chi) was made from bamboo dating back to China in 433 B.C.)
    Sorry to digress from the excellent weapon known as the dagger but I found all of this to be extremely interesting. And in a way it is still related as both are some of the firsts of history.

  2. I also love daggers. Most of the dagger just look better than a large knife and the double edge is also a plus. I do not think I would use one to as a tool or even for cutting. I prefer to collect and display them.

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