Introduction To Gothic Art

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by Jerald Shapiro Some of the most valuable early artwork comes from a point of time before the Renaissance had begun, and going on through the early Middle Ages, referred to as the period of Gothic art. During this particular time in history, the artwork took on telling narrative stories through pictures, and much of […]

European Political Map In The Early Middle Ages

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By Isaac Vusterly European political map in the Early Middle Ages (476-ca.1000) saw dramatic changes. The first phase of the Migration Period (ca. 300-500) and collapse of the Western Roman Empire was followed by the emergence of Germanic kingdoms in Central, Western and South Europe most of which were short-lived. The realm of the Franks […]

The Wars of the Roses In A Nutshell

war of the roses, richard ii, lancaster, york, plantagenet, english civil war, tudor, bolingbroke

Author: Lily Pad The Wars of the Roses were a complex set of civil wars which tore apart England in the 15th Century. The conflict pitched two sides of the royal family – the House of Plantagenet – against each other in a bid for the English throne. These two warring factions were known as […]

Was The Viking Horn Helmet Real?

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By John R Hilde. Growing up as a kid you probably imagined yourself at one point or another as a marauding Viking warrior. Of course, naturally you had your impressive horned helmet carried into battle as well. But is this helmet a myth popularized by Hollywood, or is there some historical fact to it? All […]

Richard II – A Cautionary Tale of Improper Forms of Kingship

king richard ii, shakespeare, medieval king

By Peter Ponzio A number of commentaries on Shakespeare’s Richard II are devoted to the dialectical nature of the play, stressing the opposition of many of the elements in the drama. Studies have been written which demonstrate that the play is concerned with the opposition of the medieval order, represented by Richard, and the emerging […]

Norman Architecture

norman architecture, medieval castles, cathedrals, medieval strongholds, medieval fortress, gothic architecture

By A Harrison Barnes. Norman Architecture, named so due to its roots in Normandy, arose in the Middle Ages. It began in the early 11th century and ended by the 12th century, following the Saxon architectural movement and preceding the Gothic movement. Norman architecture is a form of the prevailing Romanesque Architecture that was propagated […]

The Changes In Renaissance And Medieval Warfare Tactics Brought About By Gunpowder

renaissance soldier, renaissance warfare, renaissance firearm, medieval warfare, renaissance bayonet, renaissance harquebus, renaissance military

By H. R. Smith. The addition of gunpowder and its ever advancing effective use led to the first handheld weapon to use gunpowder…. the harquebus. The harquebus is also known as the arquebus or the hackbut. This is a very primitive firearm used between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. The musket is a successor of […]

Medieval Instruments Of The Middle Ages

medieval music, medieval instruments, medival songs, medieval dance

By Douglas Etri. The events of the past happened because of intended and uncontrollable circumstances, and they have been regarded to with both admiration and disdain. It is always the past that shapes the future, and probably this influence will persist all the time, like music. There were three key periods during the Middle Ages, […]

The Story of the Welsh Dragon

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By Tom Sangers. The story of the red dragon, ‘Y Ddraig Goch’ (literally, the red dragon), that appears on the Welsh flag goes back centuries, even to before the invasion of Britain by the Saxons. When the Celts ruled Britain, before they were driven out of England into Wales and Cornwall, there was a legend […]

Medieval Castles – An Essay

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Medieval Castles – An Essay By Michael Cooper Castles remind us of a time that was full of adventure and romance. Castles remind us of a time in history in which there was a lack of government and order. Although there was not mass confusion and anarchy, there was less order. Castles were the basis […]