The Benefits of Hand Forging

hand forged knives, handmade knives, anvil forged

What really are the benefits of forging a blade? Forging is more flexible in terms of what you can achieve. Forging also refines the structure of the steel. Drop forging and rolling does indeed impart some of the benefits of forging to a stock removal blade, however. once you start grinding away material, the grain […]

The English Military in the 15th Century

medieval warfare, 16th century

Armies of England in the 15th century were raised by contract between the king and powerful military leaders. Each leader was responsible for paying his troops and the king agreed to pay the leaders back at a later date. Just like continental armies, there was often a royal guard, in England’s case this usually consisted […]

Handmade Medieval Daggers

handmade knives, hand forged knives

In my opinion there are few blades more useful and more interesting than a classic hand forged medieval handmade dagger! Two edges for greater cutting versatility, a perfect point for puncturing, well balanced and with a functional guard. My most recent dagger is the one pictured here. I’m calling it the Warder. Warder means to […]

Women in a 15th Century Military Campaign

medieval women, women fighters, women warriors

There is plentiful evidence that many women played a vital role in the military machine of the 15th century. The Schilling Chronicles often show women marching with the troops toting canteens and waterskins for thirsty soldiers and being busy about the camp. One woman wears a dress in cantonal colors and obviously holds an officially […]

Handmade Knife Handles

handmade knives, hand forged knives, knife handles

A handmade knife handle is, in my humble opinion, the second most important aspect of a knife design. Like any tool, where you hold it determines how frequently you will use it. You can have the most useful blade design with the best steel and heat-treatment in the world and with a shoddy handle, you’ll […]

The History of the Kilt – Wear Your Scottish Heritage with Pride

kilt, wool, plaid, tartan, sett, scottish, irish, leine

As a historical reenactor for the past 17 years I have been portraying a Scotsman in the year 1798 during the fur trade in the new world. Over the years I have heard all manner of opinions and “facts” regarding the wearing of a kilt. I was told by various people that I couldn’t wear […]