Katanas, Katanas, Katanas

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Okay, this is definitely a sword rant. I am so sick and tired of all of this hoopla and crap about “katanas”. The absolute donkeytwaddle that is continuously spread about this weapon could supply a fertilizer factory for a year. Let me qualify my statement by saying this: the finely crafted traditional Japanese katana is […]

Ewart Oakeshott – Records of the Medieval Sword – An enduring legacy…

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Ewart Oakeshott was a scholar from outside the traditional academic circles and maybe that was for the best. He carried with him a wonderfully romantic view of one of history’s most noble weapons. It’s his enthusiasm for the sword that truly takes his research out of the dry laboratory that is typical of such archeological investigations, whilst maintaining an erudite precision that’s rooted solidly in the facts.

Medieval European Swords Vs. Japanese Swords

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The Japanese Katana and the European Longsword. Was one superior to the other or is it apples and oranges? Let’s take a look at the development and characteristics of each one. The Japanese katana is designed to slice and cut. To accomplish this, the edge must be left very hard from the heat-treating process to […]


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The ubiquitous longsword seems to have a special place in the hearts of many students of medieval weapons and practitioners of the combative arts. What is it about this relatively simple weapon that makes it so particularly popular? The basic longsword seems to possess many attributes that make it an almost ideal weapon. Its over-all […]