The Benefits of Hand Forging

hand forged knives, handmade knives, anvil forged

What really are the benefits of forging a blade? Forging is more flexible in terms of what you can achieve. Forging also refines the structure of the steel. Drop forging and rolling does indeed impart some of the benefits of forging to a stock removal blade, however. once you start grinding away material, the grain […]

Medieval Castles – Castle de la Mota – The Evolution of a Spanish Fortress

medieval castles, medieval spain

The Castle La Mota now occupies an area that during the Roman period was an important stop on a trade route that ran through what is now the Spanish Province of Valladolid. It was most probably fortified and walled to some degree at that time to protect a settlement that easily dates back to the […]

The Wisdom of Bartholomew Anglicus – On Wild Boars

medieval boars, bartholomew anglicus

Medieval Lore for the Cosmopolitan Interest “The boar is so fierce a beast, and also so cruel, that for his fierceness and his cruelness, he despiseth and setteth nought by death, and he reseth full piteously against the point of a spear of the hunter. And though it be so that he be smitten or […]

Medieval Games – Tic-Tac-Morris Anyone? – Medieval Fun with Nine Man Morris

medieval games, nine man morris

Who or what is heck is Morris? Well, you stumped me there, but I can tell you of the enduring game he left behind that bears this name. If anyone has more information on the origins of this game please feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear about it! Nobody knows for sure […]

Handmade Knife Handles

handmade knives, hand forged knives, knife handles

A handmade knife handle is, in my humble opinion, the second most important aspect of a knife design. Like any tool, where you hold it determines how frequently you will use it. You can have the most useful blade design with the best steel and heat-treatment in the world and with a shoddy handle, you’ll […]

The History of the Kilt – Wear Your Scottish Heritage with Pride

kilt, wool, plaid, tartan, sett, scottish, irish, leine

As a historical reenactor for the past 17 years I have been portraying a Scotsman in the year 1798 during the fur trade in the new world. Over the years I have heard all manner of opinions and “facts” regarding the wearing of a kilt. I was told by various people that I couldn’t wear […]

Katanas, Katanas, Katanas

handmade swords, hand forged knives

Okay, this is definitely a sword rant. I am so sick and tired of all of this hoopla and crap about “katanas”. The absolute donkeytwaddle that is continuously spread about this weapon could supply a fertilizer factory for a year. Let me qualify my statement by saying this: the finely crafted traditional Japanese katana is […]

Historical Reenacting – Speaking in Character

medieval reenacting, medival weapons, historical reenacting

A very important aspect of making reenacted characters come alive is that when we speak, we must remember that to us it is not the 21st century. Therefore we should say things like “the way I thatch a roof is. . .” indicating that we are doing this as a natural and modern practice. Modern […]

Medieval Games – Primero the Medieval Poker

Gambling games have always been popular, and the fifteenth century was no exception. For many people, one of the first gambling games that comes to mind is classic poker. Poker is a fairly old game that originated in Italy sometime during the early 1400’s, when it was called Primero. From then to now this game […]

Medieval Games – Gambling with Hazards

medieval games

From 3,000 year old Egyptian Mancala to twentieth-century Monopoly, games have always been a popular form of entertainment. Through the worst of times and the best of times. During castle sieges and voyages across the vast unknown. King and pauper, soldier and scholar, games have always remained. Most games needed little more than a handful […]